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19 June 2014

Questionable Donor Swap Scheme For Kevin Strouse » America Rising

Questionable Donor Swap Scheme For Kevin Strouse

Earlier this week, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Kevin Strouse received large out-of-state donations from people who have never given money to campaigns outside their home states or admitted to not even knowing Strouse. At the same time, Strouse’s parents gave matching donations to candidates in those states. When asked about the unusual donation, one of the donors blatantly admitted, “I don’t even know the dude.” Today’s Inquirer editorial raises a lot of questions for Strouse’s campaign:

This political PTA wouldn’t be as troubling if the donors were avid, longtime supporters of Democrats nationwide. But several of those involved showed no prior financial interest in politics. Some of Strouse’s far-flung donors have given to only one other candidate – one who happens to have received money from his parents.

Meanwhile, Strouse has refused to comment on these unusual donor swaps and when asked a question about campaign finance back in a March primary debate, Strouse defensively commented, “We’re not going to have a conversation about donors because it’s frankly not important.”